About us

Wemakeamp Electronic Online Workshop

Wemakeamp team members search the different electronic products for you. We concentrate on several items.

1)  Audio equipment

     a) Audio cables. e.g. iphone docking cables, 3.5mm cables, hi-end audio cables. 

     b) Audio amplifier. e.g. Headphone amplifier, power amplifier kits

     c) Audio adaptors. e.g. ETYMOTIC ER4P to ER4S resistor adaptor, headphone adaptor, RCA

         plugs, XLR plugs, docking adaptors

2) Electronic Hobby

     a) Electronic component. e.g. IC, transistors, Capacitors

     b) Sensors. e.g. Ultra sonic sensors, Water sensors,  Touch sensors

     c) Remote control. e.g. Infra red remote controls, RF remote controls

3) Bicycle accessaries

     a) Lights

     b) Bells

     c) Speed meter